A crunchy minimalist’s guide to baby stuff – Part Five (the Boba Baby Carrier)

(Despite my hopes that I would quit adding addendums to this “guide“, here is yet another one!  I guess this will just be an open-ended series then, since I’m sure there’s more helpful things that I will find as I continue my mothering journey.)

Boba Baby Carrier: Last fall I shared about how I finally got over my pride of only using wraps as baby carriers and how I had been blessed with the gift of an Ergo.  I loved my Ergo and was so thankful for its versatility and ease of use as a soft-structured carrier compared to a wrap (though I still do love my wraps for the newborn days).  However, as Genoa got bigger, it started to get rather uncomfortable to wear her sometimes as she loves to lean!  At about eight months old, the top of the Ergo came only to the middle of her back or so which meant that it was very easy for her to lean to one side to see what I was doing, to watch Cedar more easily, etc.  Having to constantly readjust my weight for that was getting rather annoying and uncomfortable.  But that aside, I still loved how easy the Ergo was to use so I didn’t want to go back to wrapping a lot instead.  A babywearing friend mentioned the Boba Carrier to me and while I had heard of it before (it’s made by the same company that used to make my beloved Sleepy Wrap, which is now called the Boba Wrap), I didn’t know much.  I read some about it and immediately wanted to try one…it sounded like the perfect carrier to me.  Along with the back of the carrier being two to three inches taller than other soft-structured carriers, it’s designed to specifically hug your baby to you…two things that would be huge helps with a leaner like Genoa!

Long story short, I was able to buy a Boba Carrier after I sold my Girasol Big Sur wrap (it didn’t end up working out for us in our hot CA weather).  And wow.  I love it!  Even more than my Ergo (which I have since passed onto a dear friend) — though I was very thankful for it in its season of helping me learn to love soft-structured carriers.  The Boba’s “unique design” that hugs your baby to you isn’t just marketing hype.  Even in the first fifteen minutes of wearing Genoa on my back in the Boba, I could tell that she seemed a lot more secure and didn’t lean nearly as much…score!  And another added plus that I have yet to try out is that the 3G model can convert into an infant carrier without any extra inserts, etc.  That was always one thing that bugged me about the Ergo.  Unless you bought their insert (or stuffed blankets inside), you couldn’t use it very well until the baby was about five or six months old.  And even though in general I like wraps for the early months, there are times when a faster option would be nice.  Additional things I love would be the adorable bird print, how easy the chest/back strap is to adjust, three different pockets for small things and the shoulder strap holders (to clip in a purse or diaper bag strap).  In my opinion, it’s pretty much the best baby carrier ever!

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