Though at first it stumped me, I got rather carried away with this one.  The end result was more of a Fifteen Minute Friday…

Five Minute Friday: Empty


It had already been a hard week and we were barely halfway through. Days of my husband working long and me working through multiple toddler tantrums a day. A restless night of being up with a baby who had an upset tummy. I awoke drained and empty.

A quick breakfast of toasted sprouted bread and Dubliner cheese, supplemented by some Blue Lady tea in an effort to wake me up more, and we were on our way. The babies and I in a vehicle borrowed from my in-laws (as our van is in the shop), a half hour drive to see a friend and her littles. We loaded our toddlers into her double stroller and strapped our babies on our respective backs. And we walked the streets of her small town, mostly window-shopping and talking. We grabbed lunch at a small bakery, and took it to the park, not willing to try to keep our four kids, ages two and under, from running all over the tiny lunch shop. Sitting on the ground, we ate our sandwiches, watching our older littles play on the playset and trying to keep the younger ones from eating bark. We took turns watching the babies while taking our toddlers potty (multiple times). As we were about to leave, we were stopped by an older woman wanting to know if we were homebirth mamas (apparently because I was nursing Genoa without a cover). In the past, she had worked with the midwives we both had used so we chatted for a few minutes. Once back at my friend’s home, we put the toddlers down for naps and treated ourselves with watching a ballet. Two used-to-be dancers enjoying the beauty of movement.

And through it all, we talked. Of life and marriage and mothering and the grace that upholds us through it all. Of how learning to love your husband and your children isn’t as easy as we thought it would be, but it’s also so much better too.

I came home from my day out filled again. Refreshed from spending time with a friend who truly understands. Who knows how draining it can be to be at home with your babies every day, even though you really wouldn’t have it any other way. Who understands when your toddler has a tantrum, because her’s just did five minutes ago. Who knows that the most encouraging thing is an understanding “Me too” and words to push you toward Jesus.

Because any emptiness is only filled through Him, though He may use someone else to help with the filling.



5 thoughts on “Empty

  1. This is beautiful! I’m glad you let yourself go over time. 🙂 A good reminder to make time to refill ourselves for the demanding job of motherhood.

    *random rant alert* I love your guess as to why the old lady thought you were a home birther! 🙂 You know, I rarely use a cover when nursing and I often get comments like “Wow, I totally nursed different than that!” or “You’re so laid back about nursing!” I think if you can be modest without a cover, it can help people not be so intimidated by breastfeeding ’cause you’re making it look as simple and as natural as it really is…

    1. Trina-

      Well, it wasn’t exactly a guess…I asked her why she thought we looked like homebirthers and she said because we were more “the hippie type”. Neither my friend or I were dressed particularly “hippie-ish” and she told my friend it was because we were nursing so naturally or something like that…so I deduced that to nursing without a cover. 🙂 And it’s funny because I’ve only recently started doing that in public…mostly because it’s usually more modest than me trying to keep a cover over my baby who WANTS TO SEE!! 😛 I still usually cover if there’s men around…not necessarily because I think it’s more modest, but because I think THEY think it’s more modest and me nursing cover-less would bother them. Does that make sense? But yeah…I agree with the whole making nursing seem simple and natural…that is SO needed! Sometime I want to chat with you about modesty and nursing cover-less though…it’s something that I’ve thought about a lot and still haven’t come to a conclusion on. But anyway…wow, this is rambling…that’s what happens when I answer comments when needing to head to bed. 😛 🙂

  2. That does sound like such a wonderful, filling-up kind of day. Visiting from Five Minute Fridays and glad I did. Blessings to you!

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