In which I wax eloquent about my favourite clothing brand (and you get a coupon code)

Two springs ago, I was relatively newly postpartum for the first time, and rather disenchanted.  All the stories I had heard about women fitting into their pre-pregnancy clothes just a month after the baby was born were definitely not happening to me.  And despite the claim that nursing helps to just melt that baby weight off, it wasn’t working that well in my case.  Pushing a baby out had caused my hips to widen several sizes and I felt like none of my clothes fit anymore.  Having extensive curves was not something I had a lot of practice with and it took much longer to get used to than I thought it would.

It was during this time that I discovered texture clothingA blog I follow was doing a giveaway for one of texture’s famous “Comfy Skirts” and it looked exactly like something I would love.  A cute and flattering cut and drape, a versatile length and stretchy material…a newly curvy mama’s dream!  I entered the giveaway and waited with bated breath to see if I would win.  I’ll even admit that I daydreamed much about wearing that skirt if I won — yes, that’s a little excessive, but with the season I was in, the idea of a piece of clothing that was comfy and flattering was rather exciting.  Well, unfortunately I didn’t win…but my incredibly sweet husband told me to buy one anyway, with the coupon code included in the blog post.  I picked out a green one (surprise, surprise!), and once it arrived, it immediately became my favourite skirt.  I wore it all. the. time.   The comfy skirt description on the texture site mentions wearing the skirt for “5 days in a row”…they’re not kidding.  And as I found when pregnant with Genoa, it makes an amazing maternity skirt as well.

My green comfy still going strong at 38 weeks pregnant.

About a year later, I had a good bit of birthday money and my husband was “making” me spend it on myself.  And I knew exactly what to get.  Comfy skirts also come in longer lengths (about mid-calf on me) and after much debating over colours, I decided to order one in dijon.  And it gave my other comfy some competition for the favourite skirt ever award…in the end they decided to share the title.  In cooler weather I wore the longer one for days in a row and paired with warm boots it makes the perfect California winter skirt.

Other than the amazing cut, the great colours and the super comfortable waistband, the thing I love most about my comfy skirts is the material they’re made from.  I’ve tried several skirts of similar styles and really nothing compares.  Made from hemp and organic cotton, with a bit of lycra, the result is a thick and stretchy material that is, in a word, so comfy!  Unlike the thin and clingy fabric that similar skirts are made of, texture’s material is substantial enough that you don’t have to worry about it showing off everything you don’t want it to and it also gives the skirt a little bit of body and shape.

My latest acquisition from texture is made from the same material…their “Posh Pants”.  Despite my long-standing affinity for skirts, I do have a love for wide-leg pants.  Unfortunately, as anyone who shares that love can attest to, wide-leg pants are getting ridiculously hard to find.  And from the sounds of it, the staff at texture agrees since the posh pants are their “bold answer to the skinny jean movement”.  Yes!  And they definitely are very wide-leg…  After I got them in the mail, seeing their wideness in person kind of surprised me, but they quickly grew on me and now I love them.  So comfortable, and, in my opinion, they look much better than the typical yoga-type pants.  Something I would totally wear out and about (and have) and not feeling like I’m running around in my pajamas.

Gotta love photo shoots on a day that you need a shower and are sporting the double-chin look!

Texture only offers one inseam length for the Posh Pants, and it would be much too short on me.  But for only $10, they added an extra five inches for me and now my pants are long enough!  This is a big deal for me since I have such a hard time finding non-jean pants that aren’t several inches too short.  And unlike some I’ve seen, the alteration doesn’t look like someone just decided add some material to bottom of the pants.  I think that it just looks like some detailing on the pants and I’ve had other people say the same thing.

Well, now that I’ve rambled on and on and ON about texture’s clothing, I have some exciting news for you all!  Until April 6th, texture is offering a 20% discount to my readers.  Just enter the coupon code “simple20” when you checkout. I hope you end up loving their clothes just as much as I do!

(Disclosure: In exchange for writing this review, I received one free item of clothing from texture.  All opinions expressed are my own.)


2 thoughts on “In which I wax eloquent about my favourite clothing brand (and you get a coupon code)

  1. Ah yes, now I remember you raving about these your favorite skirts. 😉 (Love the colors you’ve chosen!) The pants are adorable. As is the hat. 😉

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