Five Minute Friday: Together


I remember it so well.  It had only been three and a half months since we even knew the other person existed.  Three and a half months of chats and emails and “phone calls” through our computers on separate sides of the world.  And only about three and a half weeks of those months had we even spent in each other’s presence.  But we knew.  And so when he got down on his knee on a bench on a seaside pier at sunset and asked, without hesitation I answered “yes!” four times.

Wrapped in each other’s arms for the first time, we sat on that bench and watched the sun sink into the ocean.  The sky painted beautifully, just for us, and the moon rising at our backs.  And I can’t remember which one of us said it, but there it was: “It’s us now”.

And it is.  It’s us and we’re together and sometimes that’s all that matters.




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