Real {Fast} Food review and giveaway

I love good food.  A lot.  And I love feeding my family food that tastes good and that is also good for them.  For us this is usually “real food” — i.e. food that is fresh and minimally processed.  This means using a lot of produce, good meats and dairy, healthy fats (like butter!) and whole grains.  It means trying to cook mostly from scratch.

Making and eating real food involves all these great things, but it also can involve something else. Time and lots of it.  And as a young mama to two little ones, that’s something I don’t have an overabundance of.  Enter Real {Fast} Food.  The eBook by my friend, Trina Holden.

Trina is another young mom who is passionate about feeding her family real, good food.  But since she has three little ones, she knows that it doesn’t work to spend oodles of time in the kitchen preparing meals.  So she wrote a book explaining all she has learned about making the most of your time in the kitchen and interspersed it with many yummy-sounding recipes.   She walks you through everything from menu planning to batch cooking to making your own mayonnaise and sour cream.  And along with recipes for everything from white lasagna to pineapple muffins, she also shows you how to make things like ranch dressing mix, whole wheat tortillas and vanilla ice cream to give you the tools to eliminate even more processed foods from your diet.

Real {Fast} Food is very informative and helpful, but I don’t “follow” everything in the book.  I don’t currently menu plan (though I can see it happening in the future) and we still occasionally eat white flour.  But that’s okay.  I’m doing what works for our family right now and adapting techniques and information to our situation.  And in her book, Trina recognizes that.  Unlike some other cookbooks I’ve read, there’s no condescending attitude of “you must cook exactly the way I do if you want to feed your family healthy food”.  Instead, Trina gives you the tools and recipes to help you prepare real food and then gives you the freedom to figure out how that will work for your family.

And the best part?  Making real food doesn’t have to take up half your day!  In other real food cookbooks I’ve read, the authors seem to assume that you have hours to spend in the kitchen preparing and cooking.  As a young mom, that’s doesn’t work for me since cooking is something I have to fit in between chasing toddlers and keeping my home.  And since Trina is in that place too, she understands and Real {Fast} Food is a clear reflection of that.

Real {Fast} Food is an essential for any young mom wanting to feed her family healthy food without spending all day in the kitchen.  It’s available on Kindle and Nook, but my copy is the PDF version that I printed out and put in a binder — that makes it much easier to reference with hands messy from cooking!

And Trina has graciously offered to give away a PDF copy of Real {Fast} Food to a Something Simple reader.  Just comment and answer the question: “What is one change (large or small) that you would like to make in your family’s diet?”  Giveaway ends Wednesday, May 2nd at midnight (PST).

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27 thoughts on “Real {Fast} Food review and giveaway

  1. 🙂 So this is what you were talking about…. Ummm…..I can’t think of anything I want to change per se at the moment- at least, not any thing that is realistic. So I’ll just mention the consuming more veggies one again….something I’ve been slack at the past few weeks as I’ve fallen into a rut in the kitchen….and haven’t wanted to cook or prep food at all. 🙂 Hence, salads feel like that last pain in the tush thing that is somewhat optional. 😉 I would be curious to ask you more about the book at some point (or, just pick me to win!)….I’ve been tempted by it occasionally before, but wondered if it would actually have useful information for me. I kinda feel like a ninja (if I can say that without sounding prideful….) at most of the stuff people rave about as being the highlight of her book. I guess efficiency is just a major thing for my personality- so is doing things the way I deem fastest/to make most sense. 😉

  2. Oh wow, so many things! I’ll just mention a few. More salads and veggies, try soaking grains, make 90% of our tortillas again (instead of buying most), making sourdough bread and other goodies (pancakes, muffins etc), making most of our ice cream (we buy “healthy” ice cream but I know it would be so much healthier if I was making it! :)) etc. I could go on! Sounds like a great book. I might have to buy it if I don’t win. 🙂

  3. I’m in the process of cutting white flour and refined sugar down to an occasional treat. Also I’d like to switch to mostly local/home-grown produce…..can’t wait till farmer’s market season starts (next month, here in TN!) This is the second giveaway for this book I’ve entered. 🙂

    Oh, by the way, hello from a longtime lurker who’s been meaning to comment for awhile!

  4. The one chage I would love to see…would be eating more garden fresh, but that would somehow mean that mom would not have a black thumb (unfortunately I have killed literally everything I ever planted)…due to the strong desire of my 6 year old daughter on how to learn gardening and kitchen skills we will be having a garden this year…it may be small but we will do this!

  5. I’d like to cut out most carbs and go mostly gluten free. I would also like to eat more fish (especially salmon).

  6. Jessica, thanks for doing this review! It was great to hear what you thought of the book!
    Lovely to meet all these gals who share an interest in real foods!
    Brittany, You may be interested to know that our family tried the GAPS diet for a month – I posted about it on my blog recently!

  7. One change I would like for my family’s diet is to eat more fermented foods. I have tried several, but have not made eating them a regular part of our diet.

  8. I am a new mother (baby boy three months old), and have noticed a huge fluctuation in my baby’s happiness due to the food I eat (I’m breastfeeding). Eating clean is so important to me not just for my baby’s health, but also for me and my hubby too, who supports me in all my attempts to eat well, gluten free and sugar free (and oftentimes holds me accountable to my own goals when I feel like cheating!).What I would like to change most in my kitchen is the lack of variety with my healthy cooking. Gotta keep the man lovin it!! Also, with a young baby, FAST and EASY is…a big deal.

  9. We have made some changes already…already made it to whole wheat bread, for example. I would like to get kids switched to whole GRAIN bread…and maybe even start baking some of my own bread?

  10. I would like to eat more whole foods, cutting out more processed ones. Also I would love to get more veggie recipes/ideas, since it seems like about all we do is salads. This book sounds great!

  11. I would love to win that real food real fast book because this is part of the change happening in this home 🙂 We are really trying to eat healthier, we actually got rid of puff corn (that is a huge start:)) and we have switched to soda made with sugar instead of the regular brand. My husband enjoys it and well it makes me happy that at least it isn’t the other junk 🙂

  12. One thing I’d like to change? Eat less processed more homemade food, but most of all stopping our consuming of non-foods (thinking MSG, natural and artificial flavour, artificial food dyes, corn syrup). Kinda hard when you live mostly on the road, trucking, but worth a big hard try 😉 and I’d love this book.

  13. One of my goals this year, would be to cut down on the amount of times we eat out. Not only will we save money, but we will eat healthier at home, knowing what is in our home-made food.

  14. I’d like to sustain better eating habits for a longer period of time. I tend to go in cycles, all or nothing! (Well, not nothing, but not great.) For the sake of finances, I already make almost everything from scratch, but I tend to use a lot of white flour and often sugar. I love resources like this, so count me in!

    P.S. Can’t wait to see you this summer! 🙂

  15. one change I would make… I am in the process of checking all lables when I do buy prepared foods… like picking up a loaf of bread at the store because I have been slacking. It is hard work. I want to leave out canola, soy, preservatives and food colours.
    So I guess the change is leaning to make treats from stratch, because my girls look at me sadly when I say I’m not buying their favourite treast at the store.

  16. I would love to eliminate canned foods from our diet – unless they are home-canned. Too much salt, preservatives or BPAs in the store-bought varieties.

  17. I thought I already commented, but I don’t see it now…
    But a change I would like to make it to eat a lot more veggies and fruit. It’s difficult, though, because I get bored very quickly with veggies, and my husband doesn’t eat fruit!

  18. A change I would like to make is to go completely gluten free. We eat way too much wheat in our household.

  19. I would like to prepare my breakfasts ahead of time or at least plan my breakfasts so I am not skipping that super important meal or grabbing anything in the cupboard in desperation for protein.

  20. I would like to have more variety. . .with an active toddler and not much time to cook (and the lack of a good repetoire of recipes to draw from!) I find myself rotating through the same 10 or so ‘quick’ meals with very little variation more often than not. =/

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