Now one

This past Saturday, my sister-in-law married one of my husband’s best friends.  It was a beautiful wedding, very worshipful and focused on Jesus.  In my in-law’s lovely backyard, they stood under the arbour that Aaron had made for our wedding and pledged their lives to each other.  And after a delicious meal shared with family and friends, and speeches from the same, the bride and groom ran down the driveway surrounded by bubbles and sped away in their car.

Later that night, as I was cleaning up my little cottage from being used as the groomsmen’s dressing room and hangout place, I was thinking more about the couple’s getaway and how symbolic it was of the incredibleness of marriage.  Here is a young woman, married at the home that she had lived and loved in for her entire life.  She has an amazing family and had contributed much to that household over the last twenty years.  And yet, in the end, she runs hand-in-hand with her beloved and they drive away without a backward glance.

As I thought about it all over my sinkfull of dishes, I realized that is such the picture of marriage. No matter how much a girl has invested in her family and in her father’s home, or how closely-knit that family is, she (hopefully gladly) leaves it all behind when she vows to become a wife.  And that is how it’s supposed to be.  When she leaves her family and marries her husband, they become one.  While she will always be a daughter and a sister, now she is first and foremost a wife.  And that is how God intended it.

Occasionally I get asked if it’s hard for me to “live so far away” from my family in Idaho.  And while I have a great family that I’m very close to, honestly it’s not that hard.  Because this is where I’m supposed to be.  This is my life.  By my husband’s side, wherever that may be.  And while close proximity to family definitely can be a good thing, wherever our next adventure takes us — my love and I — we’ll be together and that will be even better.


5 thoughts on “Now one

  1. It must have been beautiful! Congratulations to the new wife and husband! I have always wanted a small backyard wedding like that. I can’t wait to get married, but I know that I have to wait in patience, and sometimes it’s difficult, but with Gods help it becomes easier to bare, bc he is my first and foremost love!

  2. Congrats to them!! I agree too. Leaving one’ family/home for a new one with her beloved! I also think it’s wonderful to get married at one’s home too.

  3. Yes. I could never have guessed how thoroughly happy I could be, even away from my family and friends, as long as my love and I are together.

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