Graham Gardens’ winner and more fun giveaway stuff

Thanks to help from, today I “drew” the winning number for the Graham Gardens’ BabyBird basket giveaway, and it was comment #23 from Carina!  Congratulations, Carina…enjoy your prize!

In the giveaway answers, the BugBar definitely got the most I-want-to-try-this mentions.  So for anyone wondering…it really does work!  We have one and while we have yet to try it in super-buggy conditions (just because we don’t normally get those here), it has worked very well in the general “we want to go outside, but the mosquitoes are out” conditions.  Aaron isn’t a huge fan of the smell (kind of a mix of peppermint and citronella), but as he admitted, most bug repellents don’t smell that great anyway!  And I love that it’s in bar form — so many bug repellents, natural or not, are in liquid form and are such a pain to apply to little ones.  But this goes on so easily!

In more giveaway news, I’m going to give you the insider scoop on something happening at YLCF next week!   On Tuesday, May 15th, we’re going to be hosting a giveaway for an amazing children’s CD called Rain For Roots: Big Stories for Little Ones.  I had the great privilege of being the reviewer and getting a pre-release copy, and let me tell you, it’s incredible!  The full album won’t be available until May 15th, but until then, you can download a FREE four-song preview.  It’s great music, even if you don’t have little ones, but hurry, since the free preview only lasts until the evening of May 14th.


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