Five Minute Friday: Path

(Things have been so crazy busy here lately that I haven’t done a Five Minute Friday for a month and a half…wow!  And today continued the crazy busy trend so I wasn’t sure if I would miss yet another Friday, but this word is actually fits perfectly with all that’s happening our life right now.)


It’s funny the different twists and turns there are in the path of our life.  And so often the changes are so out of the blue and beyond your expectations that you realize anew that you really have no idea what’s around the next “bend in the road”.  And that’s when I learn to rest again in the knowledge that I’m in the care of Someone Who does know, and He is good.

Our life right now is taking a rather drastic turn.  We’re moving to Tennessee.  In less than a month.  Thus the reason behind all the busyness and general upheaval around here lately.  Sorting and purging, packing and boxing.  Aaron and I definitely tend toward minimalism (except when it comes to books), but there’s always stuff you can get rid and so we’re having our first garage sale tomorrow.

This move is an exciting one and such an answer to so many prayers.  Aaron was offered a great job opportunity to be the project manager for a finish carpentry company — a job that’s basically perfect for him since he’s great at organization and efficiency and it will allow him to focus on refining his finish carpentry skills.  The latter is something he’s really wanted to do for a long time, but hasn’t been able to in the dwindling construction market here in our corner of California.

So lots of changes for us in the next months…and we’ll see how much time they leave for blogging!  We’re excited to see where God is going to take us down this path.

STOP (and…I went over time!  I thought that might happen, but I had to get it all out!)


4 thoughts on “Path

  1. exciting changes! Do you mind saying what part of TN (in a general way, of course)? I’m in the southwest… husband is also in construction.

  2. WOw, moving across the country!! Yes, what part of TN? A dear friend lives there 🙂 Glad to hear that Aaron has a great job offer there; what a blessing!

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