Well, it’s been over a month since my last post and we’ve been in Tennessee for almost four weeks now…I think it’s time to get back to blogging.  I honestly was rather unmotivated to start up again, but I have all these post ideas floating around in my head.  Who knows if they’ll ever get from my head to my blog, but one can hope!

Tennessee has definitely been a change from California — in some good ways, and some bad.  I’m absolutely loving all the green here, though sometimes the trees end up obscuring the horizon…I didn’t realize how much I would miss seeing that.  And I’m discovering that all this green has a price: I made my first acquaintance with chiggers a couple days ago.  The kids and I went blueberry picking with some friends and a couple hours after we returned home, I discovered a large red  itchy ring of bites around both of my calves, right where my capri-ed jeans had ended and my bare legs began.  The bites really are as bad as they say, but thankfully a couple applications of this amazing homemade calamine lotion and regular slathering on of our trusty Miracle Salve has helped a lot.  I’m just incredibly thankful that the chiggers didn’t get the kids (I was wearing Genoa and Cedar had long pants and gum boots on) — I can deal with crazy itchy bites on me, but it would have been really hard on them.

The food culture and situation here in east TN definitely is very different than CA as well.  I miss all the amazing fresh produce we had available almost year round, but here I’ve also been able to find a good source for raw milk…and they deliver only about five minutes away.   And we’re so excited…in about a week, there’s a Trader Joe’s opening up relatively close by…YAY!

So lots of changes to be sure, but we’re slowly adjusting.  And regardless of the hard parts, it’s been confirmed to Aaron and I several times that this definitely is the new path God has for our family.  Being just our little family, in a totally new place, hardly knowing anyone — it certainly has grown us and will continue to, I’m sure.  It’s always exciting to see what our great God has in store.


3 thoughts on “Finally.

  1. It is so strange, but chiggers don’t seem to bother me. Either they aren’t really in our grass or I just don’t notice or…they don’t like biting me? Of course, no matter where I live, something will bite me and the noseeums love to eat me up.

    I have also been surprised at the lack of fresh product availability here. Especially since I KNOW you can grow things most of the year! Hope you can get a garden in this fall. 🙂

  2. Good to read a post from you, I hope things are settling down for you in TN. Sorry to hear you got the chigger bites, but thank you for linking the calamine lotion recipe…good timing as I have poison oak! Yay for raw milk and TJ’s 🙂 May you be blessed in your new home!

  3. Been thinking of you in your new place and glad that you are settling in. I can imagine it is quite a change being in TN! I’m surprised by the lack of fresh produce there; wish we could send some of ours your way! 🙂
    Hurray for TJ’s– I have a gift card there and can’t wait to go shopping 🙂

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