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Both online and in person, I get asked a lot of questions about natural health and remedies, mothering, real food, etc.  In a way, I find this funny since I still consider myself to be very much a novice in learning about these things, but I love to share what I’ve found in my researching and reading.  I think that the current trend in health and parenting of blindly accepting whatever a doctor or the institution tells you is best is not a good one and will eventually prove (and in some ways, already has) to be harmful to both our health and our families.  And this is why I feel so strongly about parents educating themselves and it’s why I love sharing with anyone who asks what resources I’ve found helpful for our family and health.

With that in mind, I recently did a major overhaul to my “Links” page.   What used to be a random collection of some of my favourite blogs and links is now a bit more organized, with more of an emphasis on different resources that I’ve found helpful, especially in regard to our ongoing journey in natural health and real food.   I hope that it proves helpful and if you have any questions about any of the links there, please ask!  And I’m also trying to come up with a more creative title for that page, so if you have any ideas…let me know!


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