Essential oils winner and related news

I meant to get this post up on Saturday after I “drew” the winner, but the weekend got away from me and yesterday was crazy busy…so now I’m finally getting around to it!  But first off, thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Beeyoutiful essential oils giveaway, it was definitely the most responses I’ve ever had to a giveaway so that was fun.  But, the winner…according to…is comment #9: Hannah Grace Estes.  I hope you enjoy your oils, Hannah — they’re all great ones to have on hand!

For the rest of you, make sure you look at Beeyoutiful’s essential oils again!  Many of their oils are discounted right now, so it’s  great time to start your collection or add some of the more expensive oils that you’ve been waiting on buying.

And one more thing on essential oils…today I came across this recipe for creating your own Thieves Blend.  If you don’t know about the Legend of the Four Thieves and the related Thieves Blend of oils, definitely read it for that bit of history, but if you can, try making some to have on hand for cleaning, etc., especially during the coming winter.  I know that I’m going to try making up some of this blend for our family since I actually have all of the oils for it, except for lemon eucalyptus, but I’m going to just use plain eucalyptus instead.  And speaking of eucalyptus, while you may have heard it recommended to take Thieves internally help fight sickness, etc., I really would not recommend it as eucalyptus oil is very toxic when taken internally, even in small amounts.