Grace for others

A week ago, we had an exciting announcement at my other writing place on the web…Young Ladies Christian Fellowship has a new name, one that speaks of what we hope our posts have and will continue to communicate.  Kindred Grace.  Our “About” page sums the new site up well:

“Kindred Grace is a community of women who are dedicated to fellowship through words, in order to glorify God and encourage each other. Our desire is to provide a grace-filled space for conversations between sisters in Christ.”

I’m writing over at Kindred Grace today about something that I think greatly saddens the heart of God.

“It’s a scenario I’ve witnessed too many times.

Christian A does something that Christian B doesn’t agree with. What Christian A did wasn’t sinful, but it’s something that Christian B has been convicted differently about. Christian B confronts Christian A about “being in sin” and things go downhill from there. Best case scenario: they agree to disagree, but there is still an underlying tension. However, all too often, there will be hard feelings and the relationship ends up disintegrating.”

Read more of “What is that to you?”.



5 thoughts on “Grace for others

  1. I think it’s a good article except I was hoping you would give some good examples of when it’s okay to admonish/talk to a friend about their sins. Gently correct/rebuke etc… when a person is making choices that you think will harm them and those choices are leading them away from Christ. Esp. when they are going against wise counsel from their family and close friends already. I am just hoping for some examples of how one goes about gently rebuking a dear friend, with grace.

    1. Hello M.C.,

      Yes, the topic of when it’s okay to admonish/talk to a friend about their sins is definitely one that needs to be addressed, but I didn’t really feel like I could do that in the article without losing the point of it and making it much too long. 🙂

      The hard thing with addressing how to do that is that it’s often very specific to each situation…which is why I am hesitant to give some examples of how one goes about it. I think the biggest thing is to make sure that you’re following the Holy Spirit’s leading in it all. I think that’s the key to rebuking with grace and in love — make sure that you’re doing so in response to the Holy Spirit’s leading and not just because you’re upset about the fact that they sinned in this way. As someone who has confronted a sinning friend in both ways, I can attest to the fact the difference between the two is huge and SO important.

  2. Thank you for your gracious response and I understand all the “whys” of it now 🙂
    I’ve come to a place where I spoke to someone for sinning recently. They asked for forgiveness but carried on as usual. I forgave them immediately. I feel that I did it in a loving, gracious way with Scripture speaking for me. However, it didn’t affect the outcome and it didn’t bring them back to where they were before they sinned. My heart grieves as God’s heart must be grieving now and yet I love that person still very much as God loves them still very much. My heart is comforted that God will never give up on them though.

    1. I have been in similar situations where I confronted a person as I felt the Spirit leading me to, and they didn’t really respond to it and continued down the wrong path. Yes, it’s very sad, but you’re right that we can be comforted that God will never give up on them. And you never know what He will do…He could bring your words back to your friend’s mind many months down the road. While we are to confront our sinning brothers or sisters as the Spirit leads us, what they decide to do isn’t our “responsibility”. The important thing is that WE obey and trust. 🙂

      1. Jessica,
        Thank you for reminding me that the most important thing is that WE (I!) obey and trust the Lord and not worry so much about others and their standing with the Lord. My goal in life is to glorify the Lord, obey His commandments, honor my parents etc.. and if that is all I do, then I shall have lived a successful life. 🙂

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