Almost three weeks later…

…and I have yet to do another blog post here! :So much for my hope that an Instagram account and updated blog look would inspire me to blog more…  Though honestly, it’s not inspiration that I need…it’s time.  There’s lots I want to blog about, and I would gladly do so regularly if someone would just come over and watch my kids, fold my laundry, and cook supper for us — for free!  Anybody?!

Despite the lack of blogginess, I have been posting to Instagram quite a bit…or at least quite a bit more than I originally thought I would.  It’s been really fun — I’m so enjoying sharing our “natural” approach to living, from what we eat and how I cook, stuff I use for skin care, what type of tea I drink, etc.  I’m also (slowly!) going through my cookbook shelf and sharing my favorites.  And as is now obvious, I opted pretty quickly to not do the Instagram round-up posts I mentioned in my last post.  It just seemed a little overly repetitious since the Instagram feed is on the blog sidebar.

I also recently did a couple more guest posts for my friend, Gretchen‘s, “For the Love of Babywearing” series.  I concluded my “Babywearing Basics” series with an “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions” post., addressing all the different questions I’ve been asked about babywearing that I didn’t get to in the first two posts.  I also ended up writing a post on “5 reasons not to ‘help’ a babywearing mama with her carrier“…it ended up going pretty viral on Facebook, and I’m guessing because it’s a subject that a lot of babywearing mamas can relate to.  My littles and I were also featured in Gretchen’s photo gallery post “Wear All The Babies“…so fun to see “real life” pictures of other mamas wearing their babies in everyday situations.

So that’s where I’ve been on the web these last weeks that I have not been here!  We’ll see what happens over these next months…

Some changes and some guest posts

The last couple of years have brought a lot of changes for our family, and it’s been almost all I can do to keep up with it all!  Last summer, we moved back across the country from eastern Tennessee and are now living in the mountains of Colorado.  And although we love this area, the transition has been hard — we’ve been here over a year and have yet to find a church and make any close friends.  Finding our way in a new area is always time-consuming, and the past six months have also brought new challenges: we “officially” started homeschooling, made some pretty significant diet changes after we discovered that Genoa has gluten and corn intolerances, and now I’m growing our fourth little one…coming in March!  Needless to say, writing has been pushed to the very back burner.  But when a good friend asks you to write a guest post (or three!) to contribute to her month-long series on a subject you’re very passionate about, what’s a girl to do?!

And that’s what happened.  My friend, Gretchen, is doing a series this month on babywearing, and wanted me to do a “Babywearing Basics” post.  That post morphed into three and reignited my love of writing…which turned into a public Instagram account since I still don’t have much time for regular long blog posts…which turned into a new blog theme that’s actually mobile responsive (which I didn’t even know was a thing until recently!) and a slight name change to mesh more thoroughly with my public Instagram account.  Lots of changes, and most of them spurred on by Gretchen who “gets” this stuff way more than I do and put up with all my techy-inept questions…so big thanks to her!

First — the babywearing guest posts.  The first one is a run-down of carrier types, and the second is on babywearing safety.  The third, coming at the end of the month, will be a babywearing Q&A…so if you have any questions on the subject, leave them in a comment and I’ll try to be sure and address them there.  There’s also a great giveaway going on right now for a custom babywearing wool felt figure…I have one (that’s mine pictured in the post) and it’s absolutely beautiful.  Definitely enter!

Second — the new Instagram account.  Yes, I’m very late to the party, but what else is new?!  I’m going to have a live feed of the account on my sidebar, and I also hope to do a regular (hopefully weekly, but I’m not promising anything!) round-up of my posts here.  And obviously, you can follow me on Instagram too.

I’m hopeful that all these changes might spur me on to blog regularly again, but we’ll see.  It’s always a matter of time, and with a new baby coming, I doubt I’ll be getting more of that any time soon.  If you haven’t given up on my blog yet, I thank you all for your patience!


Five Minute Friday: Dance


As soon as I heard the chorus, I knew it was going to be a good one.

And we’re dancing in the minefields
We’re sailing in the storm
This is harder than we dreamed
But I believe that’s what the promise is for

And it was.  Andrew Peterson‘s song, “Dancing in the Minefields” quickly became one of my (many) favourite love songs.  And the video?  Definitely made me cry.

Because it’s all so true.  Especially the metaphor of marriage being like dancing in the minefields.  Delicately and beautifully finding our way together through a place that can be full of danger.  Earlier this week I was thinking about how incredible marriage is.  This relationship between a man and a woman — so rich, so unique, so beautiful, so precious — yet so very strong and fragile at the same time.

It really can leave me without words.  And so that’s when I’m so thankful for those who can say it so much better than I can.

So when I lose my way, find me
When I loose love’s chains, bind me
At the end of all my faith, till the end of all my days
When I forget my name, remind me

‘Cause we bear the light of the Son of Man
So there’s nothing left to fear
So I’ll walk with you in the shadowlands
Till the shadows disappear

‘Cause He promised not to leave us
And His promises are true
So in the face of all this chaos, baby,
I can dance with you


(All quotes from the song “Dancing in the Minefields”, by Andrew Peterson, from his Counting Stars CD)

Five Minute Friday


Five Minute Friday: Path

(Things have been so crazy busy here lately that I haven’t done a Five Minute Friday for a month and a half…wow!  And today continued the crazy busy trend so I wasn’t sure if I would miss yet another Friday, but this word is actually fits perfectly with all that’s happening our life right now.)


It’s funny the different twists and turns there are in the path of our life.  And so often the changes are so out of the blue and beyond your expectations that you realize anew that you really have no idea what’s around the next “bend in the road”.  And that’s when I learn to rest again in the knowledge that I’m in the care of Someone Who does know, and He is good.

Our life right now is taking a rather drastic turn.  We’re moving to Tennessee.  In less than a month.  Thus the reason behind all the busyness and general upheaval around here lately.  Sorting and purging, packing and boxing.  Aaron and I definitely tend toward minimalism (except when it comes to books), but there’s always stuff you can get rid and so we’re having our first garage sale tomorrow.

This move is an exciting one and such an answer to so many prayers.  Aaron was offered a great job opportunity to be the project manager for a finish carpentry company — a job that’s basically perfect for him since he’s great at organization and efficiency and it will allow him to focus on refining his finish carpentry skills.  The latter is something he’s really wanted to do for a long time, but hasn’t been able to in the dwindling construction market here in our corner of California.

So lots of changes for us in the next months…and we’ll see how much time they leave for blogging!  We’re excited to see where God is going to take us down this path.

STOP (and…I went over time!  I thought that might happen, but I had to get it all out!)


Five Minute Friday: Community


 Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God; but exhort one another daily, while it is called “Today,” lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. (Hebrews 3:12-13)

This is a Scripture that I think about often and wonder how it’s supposed to look in our lives as believers.  How does “exhorting each other daily” happen?  The consequences of it not happening sound very serious — who of us wants to be “hardened through the deceitfulness of sin”?

But do we really treat it as serious?  Do we really realize how important it really is to BE Jesus’ Body?  To be so completely knit with each other that we’re in a place where we can offer exhortation and encouragement and as a general thing, just push each other toward Jesus.  Or do we think that it’s really not that big of a deal to try to follow Jesus on our own?

When, in John 17, Jesus prays for us all to be one as He and His Father are One…what does that look like?

Once I read a book called The Day of Small Beginnings.  A story of some Jesus-followers who really decided that they were going to be the Body to each other daily.  And reading it was amazing in that I discovered that there really are others out there who think the same crazy way I do about community.

That the point isn’t just “being in community” with each other.  The point is pushing each other toward Jesus daily.  All for His glory.

STOP (And that took a bit longer than five minutes…in case you couldn’t tell, this is an issue that I’m very passionate about!)


Five Minute Friday: Together


I remember it so well.  It had only been three and a half months since we even knew the other person existed.  Three and a half months of chats and emails and “phone calls” through our computers on separate sides of the world.  And only about three and a half weeks of those months had we even spent in each other’s presence.  But we knew.  And so when he got down on his knee on a bench on a seaside pier at sunset and asked, without hesitation I answered “yes!” four times.

Wrapped in each other’s arms for the first time, we sat on that bench and watched the sun sink into the ocean.  The sky painted beautifully, just for us, and the moon rising at our backs.  And I can’t remember which one of us said it, but there it was: “It’s us now”.

And it is.  It’s us and we’re together and sometimes that’s all that matters.




Five Minute Friday: Brave

(When I first heard this week’s word, the following direction is where my mind started go.  I went back and forth with myself about whether or not to write it out, and obviously I decided to go with it.  I really don’t want to use my blog as a place to rant, and I hope that the following doesn’t sound angry.  It’s not angry — but I want to present a side that’s not often seen.  So please take the following as such…thank you.)


When people find out that both my babies were born at home, and that any future children we hope to have at home, the common reaction is: “Wow!  You’re brave!”  And often it’s followed by, “I could never do that.  I would want to be in a hospital in case anything happened.”

I can respect that, really.  A woman should birth wherever she is most comfortable and if that’s a hospital for you, then great.  However, even if it’s not what someone wants to portray, the attitude that comes across from that particular (common) comment is sometimes hard to deal with.  And that attitude is: you’re choosing to put your baby at risk, just so that you can be “brave”, etc.

Actually, that isn’t the case.  We choose to have our babies at home because, in our particular situation, my husband and I feel like it’s best for ALL of us.  Including the baby.  And it’s not something we’re blindly going into with no idea of the complications that can arise.  Our firstborn, Cedar, had several complications because he was born four weeks early, but our very competent midwife dealt with them and Cedar is now a healthy little boy.  Yes, we realize that not all complications turn out so well, but please trust that we’ve weighed all that and are not making this decision out of some macho complex.

Thank you.