Links and resources

Family and Friends

The Scribbles of a Sojourner – the blog I kept during my single years.

Sojourner’s Song and Semicolonized – my husband’s old blogs — no longer updated, but still great writing (and the former is the blog I “met” him through!)

Kindred Grace – my other writing place on the web: an online community for ladies, young and old, to encourage one another toward Christ.

Lanier’s Books – the blog and bookshop of a lovely friend who writes how I wish I could write.

Gretchen Louise – another mama of littles who is also a dear friend and fellow writer for Kindred Grace.

Trina Holden – Trina is another friend and fellow writer for Kindred Grace, and I consider her my “raw milk mentor”.  She also wrote two excellent eBook cookbooks, Real {Fast} Food (you can read my review of it here), and, Your Real Food Journey (which I was one of the editors for).  Both are excellent and so practical that I ordered print copies of each for easier access in my kitchen!

Natasha Metzler – I “met” Natasha when she started writing for Kindred Grace and since then her blog posts have often brought me to tears, made me think and pushed me closer to Jesus.

Blogs I Learn From

The Mommypotatmus – I have learned so much from this blog as the posts she writes are usually very well-researched and thought out.  An excellent resource!

Modern Alternative Mama -“Living the non-mainstream life!”

The Nourishing Gourmet – a site focusing on real, nourishing foods (I have both the author’s cookbooks and love them!).

Pursuing Titus 2 – writing that has repeatedly help to convict me and caused me to think — excellent posts.

Nesting Gypsy – this blog definitely appeals to the side of me that has always wanted dreads…

Simple Bites – called a “blog devoted to family focused food — with a little urban homesteading in the mix”.  Great photos too!

The Elliott Homestead – I love this glimpse into the life of a young family “homesteading it”.  Her cookbook From Scratch is one of my absolute favourites!

Nourished Kitchen – an excellent traditional foods blog, it has lovely photos and great writing along with lots of yummy-looking recipes.

Kitchen Stewardship – another blog about real food and natural living from which I’ve gleaned a lot of good information.

Keeper of the Home – “Naturally inspired living for the Christian homemaker”

Growing Up Herbal – this blogger has some good ideas and helpful tutorials for using herbs with children.  Her eBook on treating fevers naturally is also quite good.

Peaceful Parenting – I don’t agree with everything this site promotes, but their information on breastfeeding, co-sleeping and natural birth is very good.

Natural Health Resources

Beeyoutiful – my absolute favourite natural health store.  This is where I get most of our supplements and probiotics  along with other random things like their amazing Miracle Salve that we use on pretty much anything and everything! (P.S. If you sign up with Beeyoutiful and want to give them my referral code, 1005928, I would greatly appreciate it.  It doesn’t change anything for you, but I’ll get some credit with them, which is something we can always use!)

Beeyoutiful Skin – this is Beeyoutiful’s mineral makeup line and while I don’t often wear makeup, when I do this is the only stuff I’ll use.

Azure Standard – the co-op that we get quite a bit of our food and household items from.  They’re an excellent resource!

Trilight Health – where we get most of the tinctures we use for fighting sickness — I’ve been very impressed with their quality and the fact that they actually work!  Our favourites are Scout Out, Yummy YarrowRespaClear and Lympha Rub.

Plant Therapy – my favourite source for essential oils.  Great quality oils, reasonably priced (with free shipping on every order!), and I love their focus on essential oil safety.  They teamed up with Robert Tisserand (the world-renowned expert on essential oil safety) to come up with a line of KidSafe blends.  I have quite a few of those blends and have been very happy with them.  An excellent company!

Graham Gardens – I’ve mentioned their diaper cream in several posts (and even did a giveaway for it and some other of their baby products), but this company also has a lot of other great products as well — all completely natural and stuff I would feel totally fine about putting on my littles’ skin (and my own!).

Cultures for Health – where I’ve gotten assorted starter cultures for making different fermented foods like water kefir, sourdough, yogurt and buttermilk.  They have amazing customer service too — I’ve learned so much from their employees!

Mountain Rose Herbs – I’ve ordered quite a few bulk herbs from here along with different oils and butters used for lotion and balm making and I’ve been very impressed with everything.  They also have a good and varied supply of metal tins, glass bottles and jars to store your homemade natural health goodies in.

Real Essential Oil Education – I’ve taken the free online essential oil class offered here and have been more than impressed and very thankful for the knowledge and perspective offered — I highly recommend it to anyone interested in essential oils.  It’s a refreshing contrast to the brand-specific MLM propaganda that makes up the majority of essential oil “knowledge” in the States.

Miscellaneous Resources

Sons of Korah – my favourite musical artists, an Australian band that sings Psalms.

Ballet Magnificat – a professional ballet company whose focus is to glorify Jesus.

JesusLife Together – a group of people striving to know and follow Jesus with each other every day.

Note: Even though I read these blogs often and have been around many of the sites extensively, I obviously don’t endorse everything on each one.  As always, please use your own discretion.