Mama, Simplified

Does it sometimes feel like being organized is so complicated? That there are a million and one printables and methods out there to help you be organized and efficient, but oftentimes the helps just make it seem overwhelming? Do you read about all the many different systems and ideas and they sound great, but you can’t seem to make them work for your family and situation?

I hear you! Being a mama involves a multitude of different aspects, and we juggle many things. Being organized and having systems can make such a difference, but only if they actually work for your family! I would love to help with that…

With Mama, Simplified, I offer personalized organizational and efficiency coaching.

  • I have you identify your top three organizational or efficiency hurdles, and I will come up with some ideas for an approach or system to simplify them for you.
  • For $50, we’ll have an hour-long call talking through your three hurdles and my ideas, and we’ll work together to tweak them to what would work best for you and your family. Afterward I’ll send you an email summarizing the plans we discussed for easy reference.
  • A couple weeks later, I’ll follow up with you to see how the systems and plans are working, and see if we need to modify anything for you going forward.
  • Note: as a homeschooling mama of seven years, and as someone who was homeschooled herself, I’m very open to helping with homeschooling-related organizational challenges if that’s what is needed.

Does this sound helpful to you? If you have any questions, or would like to book a coaching call, please contact me and we can get to brainstorming!

Want to hear from other mamas who received help from Mama, Simplified? Here are some reviews…

“I’ve followed the Mama, Simplified account for a while on Instagram and always admired Jessica for her natural, organized approach to parenting, homeschooling, and homemaking. She is very easy to talk to and is a treasure cove of information. I’m a relatively new stay at home mom who couldn’t figure out how to spend quality time with my toddlers while also cooking, cleaning, and making time for myself. During our call, Jessica helped me create realistic expectations for this season of motherhood and gave me specific solutions to pain points in my household management and parenting. I felt a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders after our call — her solutions were not difficult to implement and we killed various birds with one stone in just one hour! Her guidance in meal prep, scheduling special time with my kids, creating a cleaning schedule (where my toddlers pitch in as well), and establishing rhythms throughout the day that minimize screen time is going to bring much more peace and order to our life as a family. I’m very thankful that I reached out to Jessica and wish I scheduled our call sooner!”

~Mama of two

“Working with Jessica has been such a blessing. I was really nervous about our appointment at first, but she was really easy to talk to and walked me through all of my “pain points” of organization. She gave me advice from her own systems and tips that suited my own needs. All of them I’ve implemented have been so helpful. Cluttered surfaces were such a drain on me (what the heck do we do with it all) and Jessica helped come up with a solution that works! Which has freed up a ton of mental energy for me to focus on simple, daily tasks. I wish I had known about her and done this sooner!”

~Mama of four

“I’ve always dreamed of being someone who had their life ‘together’ enough to meal plan, have an effective stay-at-home mom/kids routine, chore charts that actually worked, etc., but it just never clicked with my brain. Being able to talk to a real person about my specific life instead of trying to fit some Pinterest idea awkwardly into my reality has been so helpful! She has loads of practical, simple ideas that has helped our house run more smoothly without having to do a complete lifestyle overhaul. I also appreciate her vast knowledge of natural living with kids, it has definitely helped me achieve some of the personal goals I have hoped for with our family! Thanks, Mama, Simplified!”

~Mama of two

“I am so glad I booked a session and truly appreciated the friendly insight and brainstorming that Jessica shared with me. Sometimes, in the middle of a mess or a project that seems bigger than you, it is so helpful to have another mind come alongside and help you see the forest in spite of the trees. I may not have my entire act together yet, but I feel like a great burden has come off my shoulders since our Mama, Simplified coaching. Thanks to working with Jessica, I now know the plan and can work that plan.”

~Homeschooling mama of five